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Triphaladi Choornam


1 Pack of 50 grams


Triphaladi Choornam is an Ayurvedic medicine, used in treating eye diseases and non-healing wounds. It is used both internally and externally. It is rich in antioxidants, good for eyes, spleen and liver issues. It is useful in diabetes and acts as an anti-ageing agent.

Triphaladi Choornam Benefits:

  • It has outstanding healing power. It is a potent astringent used to heal all types of wounds and ulcers. Water boiled with this powder can be used for Dhara (pouring over the area) for quick healing of unhealthy wounds, non-healing wounds, ulcers and in allergic manifestations of the eye. It is particularly recommended for protection of eyes. It can also be effectively used for natural herbal bowel cleanse and herbal colon cleansing.

Tridosha Effects – Balances Vata and Kapha

Triphaladi Choornam dosage:

For external application – It is made into the decoction with water and that water is used to wash the wounds and ulcers.

Internally, it can be taken as 3 – 5 grams of warm milk and water once or twice a day before or after food as directed by an Ayurvedic doctor.

Triphaladi Choornam side effects:

Though there are no side effects of this product. But pregnant women should avoid intake of this product.


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