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Swethari Powder – Ayurvedic Treatment For Leucorrhoea


1 Pack of 100 grams


Swethari Powder – Ayurvedic Treatment for Leucorrhoea

Swethari Powder – Now a days, white discharge is becoming a major problem among most of the ladies. The root cause of the problem is stress, indigestion and imbalances in the tridoshas of human body.

Leocorrhoea, also known as shweta pradar or white discharge is a foul smelling, viscid fluid that come out of vagina. It can be prolonged for years if left untreated.

Sidwal Ayurveda has come up with a new herbal powder SWETHARI made up of unique Ayurvedic herbs. It has miraculous results to overcome serious and chronic diseases like leucorrhoea, irregular menses and nightfall etc.


* Severe leucorrhoea
* Irregular menses
* Nightfall


* Satavari – 8%
* Ashok – 12%
* Lodhra – 12%
* Gokshru – 7%
* Punarnava – 5%
* Ashwagandha – 8%
* Bala – 4%
* Brahmi – 4%
* Daruhaldi – 8%
* Nagarmotha – 6%
* Naagkesar – 6%
* Amla – 12%
* Manjith – 4%
* Kanchnaar – 4%


Take 5 grams of Swethari Powder two times daily before meals for best results.

NOTE: Patients can see immediate results after intake of two dosages.


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