Shivalik Biofresh


1 Pack of 150 grams


BioFresh – Constipation, Gastritis, Irritable bowel syndrome, Herbal Supplements, Stomach, Dietary Supplements

Bio Fresh is an all-natural herbal enhanced laxative that tastes great and helps to keep you regular. It is a blessing in disguise for people suffering from old and chronic constipation. It is 100% natural and only constipation medicine with a good taste and fragrance. Shivalik Biofresh gives soft results and regular use eradicates the problem for ever.

Key Ingredients of Shivalik Biofresh:

  • Patti Sarnai
  • Isabghol
  • Kabab Chini and it is flavored with natural rose and Cardamom.

This deliciously simple solution is a tasty combination of dried red rose petals and dried natural Senna leaves. Developed by Ayurvedic acharyas as per ancient healing secrets. With thoroughness and good taste, BioFresh is an excellent natural mild laxative made from specially selected herbal ingredients.

  • Easy to take – people of all ages can take BioFresh.
  • Easy on the system – the gentle action of BioFresh helps keep you regular without causing bloating or other discomforts.
  • Does not contain lactose – like some other laxative products, and can be used by people who are lactose intolerant.
  • Good to taste – it is like eating Gulkand.
  • Natural laxative made from specially selected herbal ingredients – Seena leaves, Red Rose petals, Kala Dana, Choti Elachi, Kabab Chinni, Nishoth, Isbaghol Bhusi and Saunf.
  • No chemical Preservatives.


1-2 teaspoon before going to bed with lukewarm water or milk or as directed by the physician.


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